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"I want to see you rich and wealthy with the treasures of the Divinity, I want to see you totally transformed in God in order to make you the most useful minister of the Gospel."

Twice a month, we share the stories of Pallottine missionaries across the globe.

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Child Refugee to Olympian: 
Lopez Lomong Shares His Story

It is easy to lose hope when young people find themselves alone and facing what seems like impossible challenges. In the darkest moments in my childhood, it was easy to be tempted to give up.  Even in these uncertain times, I have never lost faith in the power of family and community rooted in spiritual unity to overcome any obstacles. As famine and ethnic war grips South Sudan, I cry for the children who are being robbed of their childhood. But I know the strength of the people and pray that the global community can come together and recognize this critical time to give hope to young people yearning for a different future.


Around the clock updates from the lives of Pallottines in 56 countries.

Happy Birthday, Fr. General! 


10 August 2018 

Lord God, thanks for the gift of life; for the gift of my parents & family; for the gift of my Founder St. Vincent & the Pallottine family.

Lord God, "what would my works be if they were not raised and ennobled by the grace of God and the infinite merits of Jesus Christ? Nothing, nothing at all"

Happy Birthday, Fr. Jacob! 

May you embark on another year filled with grace, well assured of our most holy Founder guiding your every step. 

St. Vincent Pallotti, holy pastor of God's people, pray for us
St. Vincent, promoter of the universal call to holiness, pray for us
St. Vincent, humble, life-long follower of Christ, pray for us
St. Vincent, priest modeled on Jesus, pray for us

Be Universal! 

3 August 2018 • San Giorgio di Cassia, Italy

"What sight could be more pleasing to the heart of Jesus, so inflamed for our salvation, than to see a large number of people united to continue His divine apostolate!" 
st. vincent pallotti

An intercultural meeting involving artists from India, Mexico and Brazil was held in San Giorgio di Cassia, Italy, in the universal spirit of our holy Founder! 

Congralutions, gratitude, and a special prayer of thanksgiving to Fr. Joseph Kiran SAC & his community for organizing the event. 

"The call to holiness is not for the lazy!" 

31 July 2018 • Homily of Pope Francis • St. Peter's Square
"Yes, it does take effort to keep doing good and to become saints… You know, the path to holiness is not for the lazy: it requires effort. I see that you servers are committed to taking this path. The Lord Jesus gave us a simple plan for advancing in the way of holiness: the commandment of love of God and of neighbour. Let us make an effort to deepen our friendship with God, to be grateful for His love and to want to serve Him in all things. In this way, we cannot help but share the gift of His love with others. To make the commandment of love all the more concrete, Jesus gave us the works of mercy. They are demanding, yet within the reach of all. To practice a work of mercy, it is not necessary to go to university and get a degree. All of us can practice the works of mercy. They are within everyone’s reach. We have only to start asking ourselves: “What can I do today to meet the needs of my neighbour”, of this neighbour: my brothers and sisters, my dad, my mum, my grandparents, my friends, the poor, the sick…; just one of them each day. It makes no difference whether it is a friend or a stranger, a countryman or a foreigner: he or she is my neighbour. Believe me, by doing this, you can become real saints, men and woman who transform the world by living the love of Christ. It is true, it is not easy, it requires effort. Yet remember, I repeat it: the path to holiness is not for the lazy." 

Photos: Pallottines in Mozambique, Peru, & India


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“Calm and compose your mind. Gently and quietly pursue your aim.” 

St. Francis De Sales

18 July • St. Vincent Pallotti School Jubilee Hall, Nagpur, India
3 days, 1,000 entries
The 10th Annual  St. Vincent Pallotti Memorial Chess Championship officially commenced, with participants from across the Nagpur, India, Inter & Junior School District.
After garlanding the statue of our holy Founder, the tournament was declared open by Provincial Very Rev. Fr. Varghese Pullan. 

As pictured, Rector General Jacob Nampudakam played the first move! 


Miracle of God's Little Ones 

10 July 2018 • Thailand

A miracle before our own eyes in response to the prayers of millions: 
Thai boys Soccer Team saved from the cave.
Let us never forget to pray for innocent and hapless children in danger anywhere in the world - truly a divine duty. 

Be Together • Pallottine Mission Seminar 

“Life is attained and matures in the measure that it is offered up, in order to give life to others. This is certainly what mission means” (Pope Francis)

2 July 2018 • Rome, Italy: Pallottines representing 14 countries, and 3 continents, arrived in Rome for a one-week seminar on mission animation and fundraising; organized by the General Secretariat for the Missions, in collaboration with the two congregations of the Pallottine Sisters.  

St. Vincent Pallotti, pray for us, that under the patronage of Mary, Queen of the Apostles, we may effectively deepen and diffuse the faith.

• 31 Ordained Deacons •

"Ask the Lord of the harvest to send laborers into his HARVEST" (Mt 9:38)

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29 June • Mysore, India: 31 members belonging to the three Indian Pallottine Provinces of the Society of the Catholic Apostolate, and 5 seminarians belonging to various dioceses, were ordained deacons on 29th June 2018.  It took place in Prabodhana, the common Institute of Theology of the Pallottines in India, Mysore, India, by the bishop of Mysore, Rt. Rev. Kannikadass Willian Antony. The solemn liturgical celebration was attended by the Provincial Rectors of the three Provinces, numerous priests, religious and lay people.
Fr. Denilson Geraldo, General Consultor, represented the Rector General. We thank God for the gift of these 36 deacons for the Society and the Church. May their life be filled with the joy of the Gospel. As they prepare themselves for their priestly ordination, let us keep them in our prayers.


Congratulations, Father General! 

Fr. jacob nampudakam celebrates the 40th anniversary of his
pallottine consecration • READ THE INTERVIEW

7 June • Rome, Italy: 1978 • 31 May • 2018

1. Matthew 4:1-3a: Jesus spent 40 days in the desert:  What have been some of your greatest trials in 40 years?

There have been two main trials:

First, I am always in favour of life. Following Deuteronomy 30, 19-20, I had to make a choice between blessing or curse, life or death. God challenges us to choose life.

In life we find hope; the ability to live in wonder, nurture in love, and not despair. Hence when members show a spirit of defeatism and negativity- without making efforts to create life- it is challenging. Nothing is achieved by being chronically negative. “Rather, the one who loves Christ is full of joy and radiates joy,” as Pope Francis reminds us.

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