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"I want to see you rich and wealthy with the treasures of the Divinity, I want to see you totally transformed in God in order to make you the most useful minister of the Gospel."

Twice a month, we share the stories of Pallottine missionaries across the globe.

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Fr. General Jacob pens an article to the youth and their shepherds in a missionary spirit; impelling all to be the beatitudes, and be the mission.



Around the clock updates from the lives of Pallottines in 56 countries.



“Dear Young Sportsmen!
Continue to give the best of yourselves in sports competitions! But I also say to you: be good citizens in family and social life, and even more, be good Christians, who are able to give a superior meaning to life, in such a way as to be able to put into practice what the Apostle Paul said about athletes to Christians of his time: “Do you not know that in a race all the runners compete, but only one receives the prize? So run that you may obtain it … They (athletes) do it to receive a perishable wealth, but we an imperishable (1 Cor 9:24-25).” St. John Paul II

Over the weekend, our holy Founder’s young soccer squad from the St. Vincent Pallotti Social and Cultural Center participated in Brazil’s Football Festival, held at Santa Marta College.

7 Saints • 70,000 People

 Photo Credit: Daniel Ibanez, Catholic News Agency

Photo Credit: Daniel Ibanez, Catholic News Agency

“Jesus is radical. He gives all and he asks all: he gives a love that is total and asks for an undivided heart.”
pope francis in his homily, during the canonization of 7 new saints

14 October • Vatican City

Under the Roman sun & deep blue skies, Pope Francis canonized Pope Paul VI, Archbishop Oscar Romero, and 5 others; urging us to follow their courages example of putting “today’s word into practice without lukewarmness, without calculation, and with the passion to risk everything and to leave it all behind.”


“Yesterday is gone, tomorrow has not yet come, we have only today, let us begin!”
St. Teresa of Calcutta

13 October • Kigali, Rwanda

SAC Major Superiors meeting for the XII Consultative Congress in Kigali, Rwanda have reached the half-way mark! Discussions over the last week started with Rector General Fr. Jacob Nampudakam’s report, followed by a variety of themes such as, “what would be your choices that favour the life of the society”, and new strategies for the Pallottine missions. To see a brief review their week, click here!

“Proclaim Upon The Housetops!”
Pallottine Mission Sunday

“We are mission, because we are God’s love poured out, God’s holiness created in his own image. Mission, then, is our own growth in holiness and that of the whole world!”
Pope Francis

9 October 2018 • Kigali, Rwanda

Go forth and do not delay! On 7 October, Pallottines around the world celebrated Mission Sunday. Today we feature Rwanda; who surely rejoiced in great graces, in accompaniment with Rector General Fr. Jacob Nampudakam and SAC Major Superiors before their Congress.


XII Consultative Congress:
“Do not be afraid when the Spirit proposes bold choices”

“With these words, I declare the XII Consultative Congress of the SAC Major Superiors open.”
rector general fr. jacob nampudakam

8 October 2018 • Kigali, Rwanda
To think, to feel, to go forth; all in a fraternal spirit. SAC Major Superiors have united in Rwanda, so as to achieve the apostolic aims of the Society in the
full vision of St. Vincent Pallotti.

It’s Official:
2018 Youth Synod Declared Open!

3 October 2018 • Vatican City

On 3 October, Pope Francis officially opened the 2018 Synod on Young People, Faith, & Vocational Discernment!
Together, let us pray the Synod's official prayer; so that the youth of today may stake themselves on noble ideas, & courageously enter tomorrow ready to be saints of the new millennium. 


Pallottine Mission Sunday:
The Official Message

“Give, o Lord, a pure zeal and an unquenchable thirst to save souls”
St. vincent pallotti

On 7 October, the Pallottine Family celebrates Pallottine Mission Sunday.
Read the official message from the General Secretaries of the three congregations: Society of the Catholic Apostolate, Congregation of the Sisters of the Catholic Apostolate, & Missionary Sisters of the Catholic Apostolate.

An October with Pope Francis:
A Rosary A Day


"Place yourself in the hands of Mary, and do not let anything worry you"
- St. Vincent Pallotti

1 October 2018 • Vatican City
On September 29, Pope Francis gave the globe a message: to pray the Rosary every day during the Marian month of October, to protect the Church from her enemies.

The Grace of Taiwan

“In all situations say to yourself: God has put me in this state, he gives me these obligations, so in His fidelity He will grant me the grace to fulfill them.”
St. Vincent Pallotti

27 September 2018 • Taiwan

June, 2015:
It was the month that began hoping against hope; the month that signified the rebuilding of God’s Church and His people in our Pallottine Mission. The Bishop of the Diocese of Chiayi- Most Rev. Thomas Chung- appointed me Pastor of Our Lady of the Assumption Church, in Shilu Ban, Taiwan. 65 years ago, it had a large following thanks to a great Belgian priest. However, ever so gradually priests no longer were sent, and without a Shepard, so too did the people diminish.

Running With Our Saint

“Let courage lighten your step & quicken your pace, in the way that leads to everlasting glory”
-st. vincent pallotti

23 September 2018 • Rome, Italy  

Starting in St. Peter’s Square, and soon passing our General House, St. Vincent Pallotti hit the streets as an athlete of Rome Via Pacis; a half marathon to “unite all people of goodwill, and those who believe in the beauty of life, integration, and sharing.” Sponsored by the Vatican’s Pontifical Council for Culture, it served far greater than its intentions. It reminded us all that “Christian life is like a rather demanding sport, combining all a person’s energies to direct them towards the perfection of character, towards a goal which realizes our humanity in the ‘measure of Christ’s gift” (St. John Paul II).

“No Greater Love Than This”

“What got demands of you is love”
st. vincent pallotti

20 September 2018 • Siuyu Village Rehabilitation Center, Central Tanzania

In the dry climate of Central Tanzania, there rests in the Siuyu Village Rehabilitation Center; a beacon of hope for those with mild to severe physical and mental handicaps. Without this Pallottine work of mercy, the little ones would remain without a right to education.

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