Civilization of Love: Bible Sunday in Nagaland

By The Bible, Prosperity of Peace


3 September + Nagaland, Northeast India

“Peace is no dream, no utopia, no illusion. Nor is it a labour of Sisyphus. No, Peace can be prolonged and strengthened. Peace can write the finest pages of history, inscribing them not only with the magnificence of power and glory but also with the greater magnificence of human virtue, people's goodness, collective prosperity, and true civilization: the civilization of love.”
St. Paul VI

If we wish peace for ourselves, let us read the Bible; if we wish peace for the world, let us again read the Bible! In reading all that is Good, we can then go forth to spread goodness, and create a Civilization of Love; which St. Pope Paul VI tells us is our pressing duty as Christians.

In Pallotti’s northeastern mission of Nagaland, India, our shepherds and flock are well on their way to attaining the peace so aspired, by means of holding Bible Sunday at Christ the King Church. High in the Himalayan foothills, with the mountains of Myanmar in the distance, may the photos inspire us all to open up our Bible today.

JulesJacob Pallotti