The Mission Impulse: Building a Church in India's Northeast

Becoming the Mission


20 July 2019 • Boda, Northeast India

If the rule of St. Vincent was the life of Jesus Christ, then it was a life of love and service, sacrificed for those where He is wanted and needed. The extent to which we live by this, is the extent to which it is no longer us living, but He in us, and the extent to which we carry out the fundamental rule of our holy Founder.


As it be so, then the Pallottine family in Kimin, Northeast India, is a beacon of Pallotti’s Spirit in the Himalayan foothills. Fr. Shyjesh George SAC- accompanied by many youth- journeyed to the inset village of Boda, where they began to build a church for its villagers. It was a daring and holy adventure, fulfilling the words of Pope Francis in his encyclical Evangelii Gaudium: “if the whole Church takes up this missionary impulse, she has to go forth to everyone without exception.” As the Father has opened His arms to us, we must open ours to all of those who know Him and are yearning, those who don’t and are seeking, and those like the prodigal son who understood and are returning.

For 9 years Kimin’s doors have been pushed open by our Pallottine Fathers, shepherding 259 families across 9 village churches, building a school in 2014 which just recently opened hostels to accommodate a future growth of enrollment. It’s a testimony of prudence and risk, complete distrust in oneself and complete trust in God, and full abandonment to the way of Divine Providence.

Prayers and blessings, brothers and sisters in St. Vincent!

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