Brazil's Beacon

As the family goes, so goes the nation, & so goes the whole world in which we live.
— St. John Paul II

13 September 2018 • Santa Maria Province, Brazil

Love and peace begin at home. Brazil’s St. Vincent Pallotti Social and Culture Center hosted a special Pallottine night, in which children and their relatives joined together to discuss life’s most precious topics: faith, family, respect, & unity.

Fr. Vanderlei Cargnin SAC and seminarians Hayan Flach and Wellington Da Silva Nascimento spoke words of encouragement, where teachers, students and their family members contributed with their own sentiments towards the family. 

With Prof. Simone Pozzobon, all had a moment to wash their hands, symbolizing the renewal of faith and purification of our sins. 

To top it off, we had a beautiful presentation of the St. Vincent Pallotti youth orchestra! 

For the official site of the St. Vincent Pallotti Social and Culture Center, click here!

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