Pallottine Fathers & Bacolod's Bishops: Clergy Fest 2019

Inaugural Mass in the City of Smiles


19 August + Bacolod City, Philippines

“Priestly joy has its source in the Father’s love, and the Lord wishes the joy of this love to be “ours” and to be “complete” (Jn 15:11).

There are three significant features of our priestly joy. It is a joy which anoints us, it is a joy which is imperishable, and it is a missionary joy which spreads and attracts.

A joy which anoints us, in a word, it has penetrated deep within our hearts; it has shaped them and strengthened them sacramentally. We are anointed down to our very bones, and our joy, which wells up from deep within, is the echo of this anointing.

An imperishable joy, which the Lord has promised no one can take from us (Jn 16:22).

A missionary joy: priestly joy is deeply bound up with God’s holy and faithful people; for baptizing and confirming them, healing and sanctifying them, blessing, comforting and evangelizing them.”
Pope Francis

On August 19th, the Diocese of Bacolod inaugurated the 2019 Clergy Fest; the unification of over 300 priests and 4 bishops from the Philippine’s Negros Occidental Province. Bacolod, Dumaguete, Kabankalan and San Carlos are the four participating dioceses, which also form the Catholic Church’s structure on the island.


Our Society’s mission is in this year’s host city, a sure grace as there are many events throughout the day so that all may be one. Through the growing number of Pallottine vocations- 15 young men became brothers last year!-, and emphasis on a Church that is poor for the poor, our Founder’s charism is flourishing through a reception of gratitude and faith.

Pallotti’s Filipino mission entails the Pallottine Formation House- under the pastoral guidance of Fr.’s Sarjit, Bineet, and Suresh- as well as San Antonio de Padua and Our Lady of Peace and Good Voyage Parishes, shepherded by Fr. Sanju.

In fact, Fr. Sanju will be competing in the Clergy Festival’s volleyball tournament. May we prayerfully wish him well through the Diocese’s Patron Saint, St. Sebastian, who just so happens to be the patron saint of athletes!

Here’s to a happy and holy festival in the City of Smiles!

JulesJacob Pallotti