Goodness, Providence, & Grace: Congo's 5 New Pallottine Fathers!

Goodness, Providence, & Grace!

“Let us pray for all the graces we need. I believe that we need more of God, more of His Love, more mistrust of ourselves, and more surrender to Him.”
St. Vincent Pallotti

21 May • Democratic Republic of Congo, Archdiocese of Goma


Holy cheerfulness is that of a Christian, and its fruits of incessant joy were upon the hearts of all at the ordination of our 4 new Pallottine Shepherds in Congo!

On May 18- two days after concluding the bicentenary celebration of St. Vincent Pallotti’s priestly ordination- Fathers Désiré Bigirimana Mwemezi, Eugène Hakizimana, Ferdinand Safari Mbitse and Jean-Pierre Gatete were ordained by His Excellency, Mgr Théophile Kaboy, in the Archdiocese of Goma; following our Saint’s path in the capital of the DRC’s North Kivu Province.

Goma itself is a city rich in God’s natural beauty, and to be ever cherished in prayer. Bordering Rwanda, it suffered a humanitarian crisis in 1994 due to the neighboring Genocide. Henceforth, its own country suffered unstable political grounds; surviving the First Congo War (1996-1997), The Civil War (1997-2003, to some observers known as Africa’s First World War), and still continues to experience unrest caused by corruption.

Holiness is boldness, as Pope Francis would say, and its journey is not for the weary! May God bless our family’s new priests who carry the Spirit of our Founder, bearing all of God’s beauty to their flock. And to our Fathers, remember always in love the words St. Vincent Pallotti speaks to you:

“My Son, to be a minister of Jesus Christ, you must be full of the Holy Spirit; you must breathe holiness in your soul and in your body.”

Photos: Fr. Jerome Niyongabo SAC
Province: Holy Family Province of Rwanda & Democratic Republic of Congo

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