It's A Small World: France to Hong Kong, & Everywhere In Between

Be Universal


Abbaye Aux Dames in Saintes, France

“The Church isn’t only the shadow of our bell tower, but embraces a vastness of people, of peoples who profess the same faith, who are nourished by the same Eucharist, who are served by the same Pastors. We feel in communion with all the Churches, with all the small and large Catholic communities of the world! And then we feel that we are all on mission, small and large communities, we must all open our doors and go out for the Gospel.”
Pope Francis

At Abbaye Aux Dames in Saintes, France, Fr. Rèmy Kurowski celebrated the marriage between bride and groom with parishioners he had left 7 years ago, before embarking on the mission in Hong Kong. With family and friends representing 5 continents, it was a pentecost all its own; which Fr. Rèmy said showed we are a “moving world, with Christian roots providing the stabilization for life.”

Our Society’s mission in Hong Kong is part of France’s Mercy of God Region, where St. Vincent Pallotti’s presence is only three years old. Part of the French pursuit to evangelize the East, Hong Kong’s quest was also opened alongside it’s mission in Vietnam, where- among other apostolic activities- both Fr. Rèmy & Fr. Adam (Vietnam) cater to the Catholic, French speaking community. With the recent arrival of Fr. Avinash to Ho Chi Minh, may our Founder’s charism spread deeper to bring laborers into Vietnam’s vineyard.

To Fr. Rèmy and the new bride and groom, prayers and best wishes on a most exciting adventure with Christ together!


JulesJacob Pallotti