Harvest Festival in the Himalayas

“And children must listen to the wisdom of elders! You, young people, ought to listen to their wisdom, and talk to them in order to keep going, because they are your roots. They are the roots and you draw from those roots in order to keep moving forward.”
Pope Francis

24 November • Yachuli, Arunachal Pradesh, India


Wisdom is a gift of the Holy Spirit, hence it should never be taken for granted! In India’s northernmost state of Arunachal Pradesh- whose border rests along China- the Yachuli Catholic Church celebrated its annual harvest festival. Only this year, the festivities touched further than what the eye could see; blending the traditional practices of the Nyishi tribal people to the new generation of today. As it is said, our own tree can only grow when its roots are watered!

Hence for the young and the elderly, the new Pallottine missionaries and the old-timers, it was a beautiful testimony of unity amongst the parishioners; strengthening the cooperation amongst all, and giving the youth a chance to witness their traditions.

Shepherded by Fr. Thomas KP, “the threshing, the winnowing, and the procession of men and women with paddy baskets slung from their forehead, the harvest pandal, the tribal priests etc., were among the attractions.”

In the midst of rejoicing, our holy Founder also reminded us of a most valuable lesson: “reason and experience prove that individual efforts for good are ordinarily small, inconsistent, and short-lived and that man’s most generous efforts cannot achieve any great success unless they are united..” All together now!

JulesJacob Pallotti