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I have a high regard for the hospice which took up its service in Gdańsk and radiates onto other cities and towns. It emerged from the shared concern of patients and the doctors standing by their beds for an appropriate place and conditions for patients reaching the end of their lives. This concern is expressed in the joint caring for and keeping vigil over a patient at home, in the heartfelt and selfless “offering of oneself”

John Paul II during the 3rd pilgrimage to Poland, 1987 

11 September 2018 • Gdansk, Poland

“I would like to become a soft bed for the repose of the tired limbs of the weary, medicine and health for the sick, life to raise the dead”  

Just like his holy Founder, Fr. Eugene Dutkiewicz SAC made these words his life. On September 11, we remember the passing of an apostolic trailblazer not only to the Pallottine community, but to an entire country. In the Fall of 1983, he opened the country’s first hospice, which still continues to accompany souls today.

At present, there is the Hospice Home for Adults and Children, the Home Hospice for Children, the Hospice Perinatal Care, and the Palliative Care Outpatient Clinic. Together, they serve over 1,000 people, staff of over 100 employees, and are blessed with an abundance of zealous volunteers who will one day have the glorious title of being an apostle in service of God and His people.

 In 2018 July, Pallottine Rector General Fr. Jacob Nampudakam highlighted the work of this Hospice Center in the 6th volume of his bulletin We Are A Mission. It was dedicated to those around the world who fulfill Jesus’ public ministry of compassion, healing, and giving the fullness of the life of God.

 You may read the bulletin, as well as more about the Fr. Eugene Dutkiewicz hospice below.

Let us all say a special prayer to our beloved Father no longer with us, imitating his example of serving the most vulnerable in whatever our walk of life.

Photo Credit: Fundacja Hospicyjna

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