Powering LightOn!

Be bright; that’s holiness!


7 September + Nagpur, India

“What kind of world do we want to leave to those who come after us,” is not only a question posed by Pope Francis in his Encyclical, Laudato Si, but by all who understand the duty of caring for our Common Home. If these questions are honestly faced, then we are presented with a reality which presses at our conscience:

“What is the goal of our work? What does the earth have of us? It is no longer enough to state that we are concerned. We need to see that what’s at stake is our own dignity.”

If we seek to fulfill our Christian mission of protecting God’s creation- freely received, to be freely given- then we must build towards a sustainable future together. At times, perhaps it’s the hope of the youth that spearheads the way.


As it be so, then let us look to Pallotti’s young, university faring adults from Poland and India. Hubert Stinia, Joanna Marasek, and Krysztof Kukliński- engineers in pursuit from Krakow- and students of St. Vincent Pallotti Engineering College in Nagpur, India, have powered LightOn!; an international project formed through our holy Founder.

From September 3-9, it’s purpose is to pioneer in the advancement of sustainable and renewable energy for the future by creating an international relationship; for universalism is also holiness.

Before convening in person, the teams met via Skype to complete as many of the preliminary tasks as possible through globalized communication.

It’s the second project of the sort for Stinia and his team at AGH University of Science and Technology, who put into motion Project Tajikistan last year, which was with regards to the development of solar panels. We Are A Mission first learned of this student-led initiative in June 2018, and was able to help facilitate the initial conversation between Nagpur’s Engineering College.

Surely, it was the incredible drive of Pallotti’s students from Krakow- parallel to the determined commitment from India’s bold future- that gave our holy Founder a smile from on high, and turned the light on to his intercession.

Special gratitude and appreciation to Pallotti.fm & Fundacja Salvatti who supported the trip financially, as well as Fr. Lukasz Golaś- director, Pallotti FM-, and Dr. Fr. Paul Chandrankunnel- principle, Pallotti Engineering College.

JulesJacob Pallotti