The Warmth of Mary in Siberia

“Let us zealously strive to spread the glories of Mary… let us instill- if possible in the hearts of all men- an inexhaustible, infinitely tender love of Mary, our most beloved Mother, Lady and Queen.”
St. Vincent Pallotti

13 December • Chelyabinsk, Russia

“Place everything in the hands of Mary,” St. Vincent Pallotti tells us, “and do not let anything worry you.” As the depths of Siberia’s winter are only just beginning, Mother Mary came to bring great warmth to our Pallottine Fathers & their flock of the Parish of the Immaculate Conception in Chelyabinsk, Russia.

Our Lady of Fatima brought Her light to the Church on the 7th of December, and on the 9th- one day after celebrating the Feast of their namesake- Mons. Joseph Werth, Bishop of Novosibirsk, dedicated a new chapel to Our Mother of God.

May Mary keep our Pallottine family in tender care, especially in these early days of their arrival. It was only in January 2018 that Mons. Werth approached Fr. General Jacob Nampudakam to open a mission in his diocese. Hardly believing it would be possible, as all know the frigid conditions of Siberia, Poland’s Annunciation of the Lord Province- under Provincial Fr. Adrian Galbas- discerned quickly and with concrete action. In August 2018, the first two young conferes, Fr.'s Siarhei Bildzis & Jan Qysocki SAC, departed on this new mission!

“Oh, how many miracles will not the Madonna effect! Behold, the greatest missionary!”
St. Vincent Pallotti

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