The Youth Who Have Heard: Pallotti Vikas Minor Seminary

Highest of Heights,
Deepest of Foundations


10 August 2019 • India


Outside of India’s start-up city of Bangalore- comparable to California’s Silicon Valley- the Pallottines have a new endeavor all our own; Pallotti Vikas Minor Seminary. There have been a substantial number of vocations in the region, and- understanding they can only be fulfilled as to the extent by which we nurture them- construction was underway in June 2017. 

With the help of locals and generous benefactors, the ground floor was completed in February 2019, and inaugurated on the 28th of the month by Bishop Gerald Isaac Lobo. Presently, there are 10 brothers and 3 priests in the community, with new admissions each year henceforth. Once the students begin their orientation courses, they will remain at the house for three years, before advancing onward in their priestly studies throughout India’s different states. 

As Pope Francis says, “life is a journey. When we stop, things don’t go right!” Godspeed and blessings to the youth who have heard, felt, and followed His voice.

JulesJacob Pallotti