Peru's Little Stars


24 November • Ayacucho, Peru


“Children are a gift. They are a gift. Each one is unique and unrepeatable,” bringing a joy only their pureness can give, Pope Francis reminds us. Thus in their great honor, the little ones under the care of Peru’s Pallottine Fathers and Sisters celebrated Children’s Day at the local school.

The festivities in Ayacucho coincided closely to the United Nation’s Universal Children’s Day- 20 November- which was established in 1954 “to promote international togetherness, awareness among children worldwide, and improving children's welfare.” Simultaneously on this day, we also celebrate the anniversary of the UN’s Declaration of the Human Rights of the Child (1959), and the Convention on the Rights of the Child (1989).

When we smile with these children as we see their photos, we must also see a thriving mission, defying all odds with the grace of God. It opened in February 2014 under the Immaculate Conception Province (Fr. Peter Sticco, USA), in collaboration with the Sao Paolo Province (Fr. Elias Fadul, Brazil) & the Cenacle Sisters of India (Fr. Tomy & Sr. Chandrika).

Resting at an altitude of 3,400m, the tiny villages- 89% of their inhabitants Catholic- had been left without a shepherd until the arrival of the Pallottines. From the moment of the missionaries arrival, graces were often and in abundance; now, the sacraments are administered, and local Feast Days are celebrated.

There is never any shortness of pastoral work to be fulfilled, and one such work of mercy is the Casa Hogar Juna Paublo II; a home for children who have been abandoned by their parents, or suffered different forms of abuses.

It is these children who celebrated their special day; a celebration merited beyond the capacity of words. Let’s join them.

Raise your tiny hand, Divine Child, 
and bless these young friends of yours, 
bless the children of all the earth.
St. John Paul II

Photos of Peru Mission

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