Rio de Janeiro's Major Step, Major Seminary

Impelled by the mission


10 August + Rio de Janeiro

Let us give thanks to the Lord with our hands outstretched as the city’s Redeemer, in praise for the new Major Seminary for our Pallottines in Rio de Janeiro. Surely, our Society is on an impelling pursuit to share all of God’s divine goodness with its country; after all, Brazil has the largest Catholic population in the world. It’s blessing by Fr. General Jacob one week ago- during the South American Meeting of Superiors- not only inaugurated a new beginning of evangelizing the country’s 126 million Catholics with Pallotti’s Spirit, but it also prompted a milestone administrative change.


Rio’s youthful Region of the Mother of Mercy has now become autonomous to Poland’s Annunciation of the Lord Province; truly signifying that through its accompaniment and care- in a very natural way- its child has spread its wings to independence.

“Because mission,” as Pope Francis said in an off the cuff speech to seminarians last year, “is something that the Spirit impels us to do: to go out, go out, always go out; but if there is no apostolic horizon, there is the danger of making mistakes and going out not to bear a message but to ‘take a stroll’, that is, to go out ineffectively…. Please, allow yourselves to be shaped. What the formators propose are not passing fancies. If you do not agree, talk about it. But be men, not children, courageous men. This is important, to say what you feel. In this way your character can be shaped, in order to be truly a vase full of grace…. Take courage!”

JulesJacob Pallotti