The Sacred Heart of Mission: Taiwan's Enthronement

Journeying to His Compassionate Heart


14 August + Taiwan

To remember the foundation of our mission, Pope Francis says, we must return to the Sacred Heart.

“It is a mission of compassion for the world; we could say a ‘journey of the heart’, that is, a prayerful itinerary that transforms people’s lives. The Heart of Jesus is so great that it seeks to welcome all of us into the revolution of tenderness. Closeness to the Heart of the Lord urges our heart to lovingly draw near to a brother or sister, and helps us assume this compassion for the world. We are called to be witnesses to and messengers of God’s mercy, to offer the world a perspective of light where there are shadows, of hope where despair reigns, of salvation where sin abounds. To engage in prayer is to enter Jesus’ heart with my own heart, to make a path within Jesus’ heart, feel what Jesus feels, Jesus’ feelings of compassion, and also to explore my own heart in order to change my heart in this relationship with the heart of Jesus.”

At our Pallottine Mission House in Taiwan, Bishop Thomas Chung of the Diocese of Chiayi, blessed and enthroned the Sacred Heart of Jesus Statue before community members. Though to those present, what a quiet, incessant joy they all carried within their own hearts.


To see the house of our Taiwanese Pallottine Family is to see God’s answer to Bangalore’s Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary Province’s prayers.

Though the mission began in 2010, the house opened in April 2018, on the occasion of Taiwan’s first vocation to the Society.

For 8 years, our Fathers had been pastorally guiding two dioceses- with diverse apostolic initiatives ranging from prison to lay ministry- without a permanent residence, and hence some wondered if their stay was only temporary. “Now, however,” says Fr. Solomon Titus SAC, “the Taiwanese people can be assured of the continuity of St. Vincent’s mission. It will serve as a center from which all our Pallottine activities in Taiwan are organized and localized; a place of prayer, recollection, relaxation, and a hub of ongoing formation for members- such as vocation orientation and lay animation.”

The heart of the Church’s mission is prayer, and the heart of our Mission’s house is Sacred. May this very blessing carry Jesus’ hearts in our Taiwanese family, so they may intercede for their brothers, sisters, and the transcendence of Pallotti’s Spirit in Asia.

Photos submitted by: Fr. Solomon Titus SAC

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