Pallotti's South Africa

Diocese of Queenstown, South Africa  
8 September 2018


In the most holy spirit of our Founder, zealous lay apostles from Queenstown, South Africa, formed the “Sodality of St. Vincent Pallotti.” It is a combination of three, once independent groups from diverse districts, who merged so as to surmount their shared apostolic challenges.

Together, their mission is clear:

  1. “To revive the faith of the entire People of God, to rekindle their love and to spread these virtues throughout the whole world so that there may be but “one flock and one shepherd” (John 10:16).

  2. To awaken and deepen in all the faithful an awareness of their apostolic vocation, by encouraging them to take an active part in the apostolate and by helping them to be ready and willing to cooperate with one another in carrying out apostolic activities.

  3. To cooperate with other apostolic efforts in the Church, and to develop forms of the apostolate which are in accordance with the needs of the time and the context.

  4. To work with all its energy for unity among Christians, and to strive to communicate the Good News to those who do not know it, so that the Church may be a more effective sign of unity and salvation in the whole world.”

The first constitution is the collaborative fruit of the Task Team and Fr. Michael Emmanuel Ndau SAC. It seeks to assist Pallotti’s spiritual sons and daughters answer the question he has posed to his children:

“My God, who are you, and who am I? Who am I before you? What is it you want of me as I am before you?” (Cfr OOCC X 462ff).

May our Founder guide this most noble initiative to the feet of Our Lord, so that the Sodality of St. Vincent Pallotti may be in an ever-constant pursuit of sanctification for themselves, and for the whole world.  

“Can you pray for the salvation of men and women? Pray!
Can you exhort your neighbor to do good? Exhort him!
Does your state in life or your condition demand of you to speak up? Do so for the benefit of your neighbor’s soul!”

St. Vincent Pallotti


JulesJacob Pallotti