Summertime in Siberia

Discover God, Discover Everything.

8 August • Chelyabinsk, Russia

If you traverse across Russia’s Ural Mountains, at the Western foot you will find Pallotti’s little ones at summer camp in Siberia. Organized by missionaries Fr.’s Jan and Siarhe SACi, the program is to infuse God’s love through community and communion, by means of art, sports, and other activities which promote healthy development.

As our Russian family begins their event, may Pope Francis’ 5 suggestions to the youth of Catholic Action serve as motivation both for them, and us!

First. Never give up, for what Jesus intended for your journey is that everything be built together: together with your parents, your siblings, your friends, your school friend in catechesis.

Second. Be attentive to the needs of the poor, the suffering, the lonely, for whoever has chosen to love Jesus cannot but love his neighbour.

Third. Love the Church, care for your priests, set yourself at the service of the community — for the Church is not just priests and bishops... but the entire community — set yourselves at the service of the community. Donate your time, energy, skills and capacities to your parishes and like this you will bear witness to the fact that the richness of every person is a gift from God,everything is to be shared. It’s important! This “everything”: everything is to be discovered, everything to be shared, everything to be built together, everything with love....

Fourth. Be apostles of peace and serenity, beginning with your families; remind your parents, siblings, peers that it is a beautiful thing to be loved and that misunderstandings can be overcome, that together with Jesus everything is possible. This is important: everything is possible. But this word is not a new invention: Jesus said this word when he descended from the Mount of the Transfiguration. What did Jesus say to the father who asked him to heal his child? “Everything is possible for those who have faith”. With faith in Jesus everything can be done, everything is possible.

Fifth. Talk with Jesus. Prayer: talking with Jesus, the greatest friend who never abandons us, trust Him with your joys and your sorrows. Run to Him every time you make a mistake, do something bad, with the certitude that He will forgive you. And speak to everyone about Jesus, about his love, his mercy, his tenderness, for friendship with Jesus, who gave his life for us, is an event about which everything must be told. All these kinds of “everything” are so important.

And remember well: everything is to be discovered, everything is to be built together, everything is love, everything is to be shared, everything is possible, and the faith is an event everything about which is to be told.

God’s blessings!

JulesJacob Pallotti