Taiwan's Pallottine Family Journeys to Its Founder

“This is my prayer for Taiwan:
Go forth. Courage. Give all that you have. And the Good Lord will reward you in a hundredfold.”
Fr. General Jacob

7 November • Rome, Italy

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9,700 km separate St. Vincent Pallotti’s spiritual sons and daughters of Taiwan to where his incorruptible lies peacefully upon the altar of Ss. Salvatore, Rome. If the country of our pilgrims is known as the “Land of Smiles,” then their holy cheerfulness- a Christian’s most distinctive characteristic according to our Founder!- is a most living testament to it!

They celebrated the blessings of being in Rome with Holy Mass at the Church of St. Vincent, celebrated by their shepherd Fr. Anthony John SAC, and concelebrated by Rector General Jacob Nampudakam, and Fr. Nobert Sequira.

The presence of the Pallottines in Taiwan is not only important for this tiny island, but also because it borders China; where underground, Eucharistic celebrations still exist. Just as this is not a thing of the past, neither is the dream of most all Religious Congregations: opening a mission on the Mainland. Hence, Fr. Jacob- during his words to our Taiwanese family- entrusted the cherished hope of a new mission in China to the hands of St. Vincent Pallotti.

May we pray for our brothers and sisters in Taiwan for their safe and prosperous journey both abroad, and in faith!

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