Grandeur of the peaks, shining of the soul: Ukraine's Scouts

The Silence of God’s Marvels

“Amid the marvels of mountains, seas, fields and slopes, you are in the best position to perceive the value of simple and immediate things, the call to goodness, the dissatisfaction with one’s insufficiency, and to mediate on the authentic values that are at the basis of human life. “
St. John Paul II

21 May • Pallottines, Ukraine

As Pope Pius XII so readily said, be "docile to the lessons of the is a lesson in spiritual elevation, of an energy which is more moral than physical."


The young Pallottine scouts of Our Lady of Fatima Parish in Ukraine set out on a 4 day journey through the country’s mountains, learning skills of the outdoors through team-work and faith. As they followed the trails, so, too, did they follow in the actions of some of our Church’s most beloved saints.

To all of those raised to the altar, they understood the importance of seeking interior solitude; understanding it was peace alone that would increase their sanctification. For many, this was found through contemplating in the silence of God’s marvels. One of the most notable of all was the universal pope from across the Ukrainian border.


St. John Paul II cherished the outdoors, a gift from God and entrance to a state of grace during his years shepherding the Catholic Church. For “in contact with the beauties of the mountains, in the face of the spectacular grandeur of the peaks, the fields of snow and the immense landscapes, man enters into himself and discovers that the beauty of the universe shines not only in the framework of the exterior heavens, but also that of the soul that allows itself to be enlightened, and seeks to give meaning to life. From the things that it contemplates, in fact, the spirit is lifting up to God on the breath of prayer and gratitude toward the Creator” (St. JPII).

Photos & Gratitude to: Fr. Valeriy Dubyna, SAC

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