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About the Project

Project Bambino Gesù's mission is for Pallottine children to share God's love with each other around the world, in the Spirit of our Holy Founder; protecting God’s creation in every form, everywhere, and always. Inspired by Pope Pius XII’s Childhood Missionary Day, it seeks to do so in 4 specific ways:

  1. Awakening in children the awareness of the Church’s missionary mandate given to us by Jesus

  2. Letting the children participate in missionary work through prayer

  3. Promoting Jesus’ missionary heart, in the spirit of our Holy Founder, in the souls of our children

  4. A way for children across Pallottine missions to be united in faith, sharing with each other their journey through new means of globalized communication.

These holy desires will be realized through our monthly newsletters and resources available to all of our family around the world.

A child is a smile. Make them smile again and again!

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Our Little Missionaries

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About our mission

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